Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tupac Shakur found Alive and Arrested

Tupac Shakur aka Lesane Parish Crooks found alive and well in Los Angeles, California. Tupac was using the name Mike Rose and he was at his friends house who's name was not released yet. The Los Angeles police department say that they called escorts to the home and a women by the name of Shanique Watson recognized Tupac as soon as she arrived at his house. Later, as soon as she left she called her friend leny Desmond to say what she saw and Leny called the LAPD that same night. when LAPD arrived at the house Lesane Parish crooks aka Tupac himself answered the door thinking it was his friend (name soon to be released). LAPD took Tupac downtown for finger prints, they say it was hard to get a reading as they say he dipped his fingers in sulfuric acid to get rid of any trace of finger prints. But soon after they got a finger print reading and confirmed that he was in fact the one that everyone thought was deceased for over a decade Lesane Parish Crooks AKA Tupac Shakur. Tupac was sentenced to prison for his actions and will be held without parole.


  1. That's a scammer that's so's the same scammer that said that suge was arrested for killing pac

  2. Tu pac faked his death.bottom line.if you new two oac music at ALl you wouldn't be wheres the key in the car at the stop ligh.night in ?I didn't know you could drive a car without a key back in 96...two.where is the mackavelie tattoo on tu pacs neck after otopsy picture was takin..three that picture of tu pac is the video.that was a picture from one off tu pacs last movies where he supposay got shot in terms film
    Four suge night sees uvpac in cuba can you really fake that.five tu pacs aunt is on the most wanted list number one fugitive.where is she in cuba she was a black Panther.six tu pac has a new song payback .lyric cops can't stand me but they can't touch me.payback for the evil chit you did to me..last stright out off condum.sue pay a guy 3 million dollars and the guy vansih.he waa a well known rip off artist.who's're not a tu pac fan are you're just plan stupid .makavellie fake you're own death.come back to baffle pure enamies and one last thing what came out last year with tu pac back..back from the dead line a mackavelie ..look it up do you're research.

  3. I don’t think faking your death is illegal but forging paperwork and maybe doing other stuff to fake your death could be